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May 17th, 2018

Addictive gambling machines: Victory!

By Beth Jamal

Today 38 Degrees-ers are sending messages to Cabinet members, thanking them for introducing a £2 maximum limit bet on addictive gambling machines. It will now be much harder for gambling companies to exploit vulnerable people to boost their profits.

Please read below to see just some of the messages sent in from people all around the country. You can read more here:

Tony- Thank you for listening to the people’s voice in this matter and not big business.

George- Thanks for voting to restrict what is a destructive addiction, hopefully some families will be saved the misery arising from gambling to excess

Laura- Thank you for making a stand against gambling addiction and the exploitation of vulnerable people. It sends a powerful message that you listen to people and not companies. I hope for similar positive steps forward in the future.

John- Thank you for reducing the betting limit on gambling machines. It was the right thing to do.

Sandra- I just wish to say a huge thank you for listening to us and changing the amount of money any one person can gamble at a time. You have no idea how this change has / will have on families of people who through whatever reason gamble.

Liz- Thank you so much , I cheered in the bathroom this morning when I heard the news on the radio. I work as a prison chaplain and the level of gambling addiction amongst prisoners is high and has caused enormous misery.

Kay- Thanks for making a great decision re gambling machines – beginning to restore faith in Parliament!

Glen- Thanks for clamping down on the gambling industry. Many people will be better off financially as a result and families will give a sigh of relief.

Ann- Thank you for reducing the maximum amount allowed on gambling machines. They are addictive and can ruin lives.

Nicholas – Thank you for listening to the people against heavy gambling and the ease of access.It is heartening when politicians do the right thing and it strengthens our belief in our politicians and system.

Elisabeth-  Some years ago a former work colleague had her life almost ruined by her husband’s gambling addiction. He also lost his job as well as his wife and family. Anything that is done to reduce these sorts of risks is more than worthwhile so a big and sincere ‘thank you’ to everyone who influenced these changes.

Anne- A heartfelt thank you for reducing bets on fixed-odds terminals to £2. You listened to the public and resisted heavy pressure from the gambling industry.

Annabelle- I appreciate your taking this action. I used to treat some patients whose lives, along with their families, were very adversely impacted by their problem gambling behaviour.

Colin- As a former employee in the Industry I believe that this was exactly the right thing to do.  

Cristina- Thank you so much for limiting betting to £2. The public is certainly worried about the terrible damage addictive betting causes individuals and families and you have done what we believe will help this problem that it has caused society.

Jan – At Last ! A chance to actually congratulate the Cabinet on supporting the vulnerable against the vultures in our society…Here’s to more chances to say Well Done !

Ronald- To all the politicians who helped to bring about the change in the maximum stake on the betting shop gambling machines, please accept my thanks. I have seen the effect of gambling addiction resulting in loss of job and home. This move may reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Philip-  Thank you so much for taking action on this issue. It is an addiction to which I have in the past been drawn into and I had great difficulty in breaking the habit. Many, many people will benefit from this move.  

Keith- Well done to all of those in office who listened to the public and stood up to the gambling companies. This initiative will save countless vulnerable people from the potential misery and ruination of high – stakes gambling addiction. Thank you.


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