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Aug 20th, 2018

Virgin Care: Statement for publication

By Ruby Earle

A Virgin Group spokesperson said:

“Virgin Care challenged a contract in Surrey to provide children’s services, because they were so  concerned about serious flaws in the procurement process. Virgin Care’s aim was for the process to be re-run properly, in the interests of securing the best service for families and for staff, and not for damages to be paid. The NHS commissioning group decided against re-running the process and opted to pay compensation; money which Virgin Care has reinvested directly back into front line NHS services.”

“The Virgin Group has invested over £30m in Virgin Care. This investment in people and technology has supported doctors and nurses in their jobs, significantly reduced waiting lists and made a real difference to patients and their families across the UK.”

“Richard has pledged that if and when he could take a dividend from Virgin Care (over and above his interest free investment) he will put 100% of that money back into the NHS, with front line employees deciding how best to spend it. Richard will not take a penny of profit out of the NHS.”

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