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Feb 6th, 2019

Boohoo: clean up your act

By Ruby Earle

Exposed: fast-fashion companies like Boohoo sell hundreds of millions of pounds worth of clothing every year – but are dodging their responsibility to stop throwaway fashion harming our planet. [1]

Not only that, they’re also failing to take vital steps to make sure people that work for them are paid fairly and work in safe conditions. [2]

It’s all over the news. The media spotlight is firmly on these companies. They’ll want to sweep it under the carpet quickly – before they come under any more pressure to sort it out.

That’s where we come in. Companies like Boohoo rely on their social media presence to get new customers. So seeing a storm of comments on their Instagram and Twitter will set alarm bells ringing.

Will you send a message to Boohoo right now and tell them they need to clean up their act? You can click on the button below to deliver your message, you don’t need to be on social media to take part:


Fast fashion has changed the way people shop. But it’s come at a huge cost to our environment. 400,000 tonnes of clothes are thrown away every year, while companies like Boohoo continue to make millions of pounds of profit. [3]

It looks like these companies aren’t doing even the bare minimum to make sure their businesses protect our planet and the people that work for them. [4] There’s three simple things they could do to step up. They could sign up for programs that:

  • Ensure they reduce their carbon, water and waste footprint
  • Make sure workers get paid a fair wage
  • Help improve the working conditions for workers worldwide [5]


But they’ll only do it if they feel like their reputation – and business – is at stake. So, will you send a message to the people at the very top of Boohoo to protect our planet and workers’ rights now?


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You can read more about the programs here:
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ACT – initiative on living wages:

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