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Feb 15th, 2019

NHS waiting times

By 38 Degrees team

The government could be about to drop NHS waiting time targets – which doctors say could be “catastrophic” for patient care. [1] But it gets worse: they’re trying to do it behind closed doors. [2]

They’re carrying out a major review into NHS waiting times. [3] But right now, patients like us aren’t getting a say. [4] This review could mean the difference between getting seen quickly in an emergency, or long nights in A&E waiting rooms. We can’t afford to let it happen without us.

Behind closed doors, it’s easy to push through unpopular moves. But if this review is out in the open, it will be much harder for the government to drop waiting times targets. That’s why we need to make sure our MPs are speaking out and demanding that the health secretary, Matt Hancock, makes this review public.

Will you email your MP, Emily Thornberry, right now and ask them to make sure the public get a say on NHS waiting times? It only takes 2 minutes and there’s a template you can use:

It’s not just the public that are being locked out of this review It’s been reported that top doctors aren’t being properly consulted on what should happen either. [5] It’s not acceptable that patients and doctors aren’t getting a say on NHS waiting times.

38 Degrees members like you and me aren’t against changes to our NHS in principle. But when it comes to decisions that will affect the way us and our families get looked after when we need it most, we absolutely deserve a say. 

If we’re going to drag this review out of the shadows, we need MPs to start speaking out. Will you email your MP today and ask them to demand patients like us have a say?

[1] The Independent: A&E doctors and patients write to NHS after reports four-hour wait target will be scrapped:
[2] Since 2001, there have been waiting times targets across the NHS, to make sure patients like us can be seen in good time. But when the government launched its long term plan for the NHS earlier this year, they didn’t commit to meeting these targets for A&E visits or routine operations. There is an inquiry into what should happen to these NHS targets, but right now the public isn’t getting a say.
Health Service Journal: Concerns raised about lack of consultation on targets review:
[3] See note 2
[4] See note 2
[5] See note 1

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