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Apr 29th, 2019

Food bank labels in supermarkets

By Beth Jamal

Unable to afford the basics, thousands of families are turning to food banks. It’s heartbreaking that anyone has to rely on donations for their next meal – but this year it’s the reality for more families than ever before.

Sainsbury’s found a simple way to massively increase donations to food banks. After adding eye-catching shelf labels on the items that food banks need, donations tripled. It’s been so successful Sainsbury’s have rolled it out nationwide.

John, who volunteers in a food bank, couldn’t understand why other big supermarkets aren’t doing the same, so he started a petition.  The other supermarkets are now aware of the idea. But they’ll only roll out the scheme if bosses see that all of their customers expect them to do their bit to help hungry families.

Over 100,000 people have already signed John’s petition. Will you add your name now to make sure supermarket bosses pay attention and listen?

“Every day I’m at the food bank I meet families struggling to afford to put food on their table. With such a simple way to make sure food banks have enough donations to feed everyone who comes, it’s a no-brainer.”
– John, petition starter, food bank volunteer and 38 Degrees member

38 Degrees members have come together again and again to campaign against government policies that leave people poorer and having to rely on food banks. From stopping cuts to tax credits, to making sure families on Universal Credit get a bit more cash coming in, together we’ve made sure there’s a safety net for struggling families. 

Every day that goes by without supermarkets doing this is another day with less donations for food banks. Will you sign the petition today? It only takes 30 seconds:

PS: The idea of shelf labels was created by a group of young people on the National Citizen Service programme and they’re so happy to see signatures growing.

“We’re overwhelmed to see so many signatures. We’re still digesting that an idea we came up with on the National Citizen Service programme went from our local Sainsbury’s in Exeter, to across the country. To see the petition grow and Tesco’s responding on Facebook saying it’s thinking about it – is incredible! It would be amazing if you could support us by signing the petition.” NCS graduate, Amber Broad, 17 
You can read more about the NCS programme here: