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Sep 11th, 2019

No-deal no more?

By Ruby Earle

38 Degrees members helped stop the government’s plan to push through a disastrous no-deal Brexit. That’s something to be proud of.

On Monday a law to help stop a no-deal Brexit came into force. It could be enough to make sure our jobs, our access to medicines and our food safety aren’t on the line because of a no-deal Brexit.

And it happened because hundreds of thousands of us helped pile the pressure on our MPs for weeks and months.

Here’s just a snapshot of some of the amazing work we have done together (and there are some pictures below too if you want to take a look):

  • We’ve sent MPs more than 260,000 emails, asking them to stop a no-deal Brexit. Hundreds of us even phoned their offices to make sure our message was heard.
  • We’ve covered the pages of newspapers nationally and locally with stories and adverts highlighting the disaster a no-deal Brexit would be for our local communities.
  • Millions of people in every corner of the country – including MPs – have seen our adverts across social media, uncovering the reality of what a no-deal Brexit could mean for our lives. Leaflets have been dropped through letter boxes, posters put up in town centres and mobile billboards have circulated constituencies weekend after weekend, putting pressure on MPs.
  • All of this was paid for by small donations from thousands of ordinary 38 Degrees members – together we raised over half a million pounds!


It’s not over yet. Despite the new law Boris Johnson is still trying to find a way to force through his disastrous no-deal Brexit. But we’ll be watching, ready to jump into action.

Together we can stop Boris Johnson pushing through his no-deal Brexit.


Here are some pictures from the campaign:


And here are just some of the local and national papers that covered our campaign:

Oxford Mail:

Shields Gazette:

Times Series:

The Sun:

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