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Jul 21st, 2020

Face masks: frequently asked questions

By Becca McCarthy

What are the masks made of? Tell me about them!

●  These are a three fabric layer face mask with an air filter pocket. They’re produced from OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified material, which is suitable for direct contact with the skin over prolonged periods of time

●  They also have adjustable elastic ear loops

●  More information about the masks is available here: https://www.visionfacemasks.co.uk/lightweight-face-masks-white.html

Are the masks washable and reusable?

●  Yes, the masks are reusable and washable – they can also be recycled

●  They’re washable at 60° – the manufacturers advise washing the masks before using them. The masks can be tumble dried and ironed at a low temperature

Where are the masks made? Who by?

●  The masks have been supplied by a company called ​Vision Face Masks

●  The face masks are produced in the UK

The masks are not accessible to people who lip read:

●  We apologise – this is a really fair concern and has been fed back to the team working on this campaign

●  We’re researching whether we can commission more accessible masks

●  In the meantime, masks that allow for lip reading can be purchased here: https://www.friendlyfacemasks.co.uk

How long will my mask take to arrive?

●  We’re hoping that the masks will be received within 12 days of being ordered

●  But once the masks are printed, the turnaround time on the masks will be much shorter (just a few days!), so keep checking your letter box!

●  We will send out dispatch emails when masks have been sent out so you’ll know when to expect them

I’ve not received my mask!

● We’re working as fast as possible to get these face masks to you as soon as possible! As you could imagine, there is a lot of demand for face masks at the moment

●  If you’ve not received your face mask within 12 days of ordering it, please send us an email to nhsmask@38degrees.org.uk​ and we’ll ask for a new one to be sent

What if I don't like my mask, can I return it?

● As these masks are not cosmetic, and will provide true protection, in the interest of keeping everyone safe we would not be able to send your mask out to someone else if you did return it, so if you don’t like it please do pass it on to someone else you know who might like it.

● That being said if you are unhappy with your mask and would like a refund please do get in touch at ​nhsmask@38degrees.org.uk​ and let us know what the problem was!

If you have any further questions, please get in touch on: nhsmask@38degrees.org.uk

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