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Jun 1st, 2021

NHS Pay Calculator Data

By Megan Bentall

The calculator uses the average starting salary for each role to determine how much extra weekly would be generated. In the full data below you can see the average salaries for more experienced levels.

The averages used are based on data gathered through the government’s Careers Service. This allows for consistency across different job roles.

There are many different job roles within the NHS, many are not accounted for here due to the really wide range of choice – some of which are highly specialised roles. We’ve tried to select a range of roles that will be most illustrative in different pay bands.

For the Inner, Outer and Fringe supplements, we’ve applied the supplement level to 2020/21 pay and then projected the percentage increase into each subsequent year. Please note the levels of supplement will change as well, but there’s no real way for us to predict or model the level of that change. However, this should still be illustrative of the differences in the different supplement levels.

You can download a detailed breakdown of the raw data here.

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