Lockdown looked very different inside and outside No 10

“Partygate” has left trust in the politicians leading the country at an all time low. The pain, anger and hurt that was caused by news and pictures of the PM and senior advisers drinking, while we stayed home to save lives, is palpable. Opinion polling shows that the British public are not ready, despite ministers’ pleas, to “move on”. And 38 Degrees supporters from across the country are telling us the very same.

So, instead of leaving that public anger and hurt to fester, 38 Degrees has campaigned to make sure the British public have a way of making their voices – and their stories -heard by those who can hold our lawmakers, turned lawbreakers, to account.

When “Partygate” news broke, people in their hundreds of thousands signed open letters, used 38 Degrees tools to email their MPs with their own stories and even sent handwritten letters to the chair of Conservative MPs, Sir Graham Brady.

Now, with the Sue Gray report (and that photo) spread across all the front pages – the people powered campaign continues. Asking members of the public to submit the images of THEIR lockdown, we created A HUGE photomosaic – where every pixel of the PMs drinking photograph is an image of people across the country who stayed home to save lives.

This image is being splashed across the front pages of regional newspapers this week.

Thousands of people will be sharing it across social media.

And they will be doing so, because this matters. It shows the stories behind the pain, like these from 38 Degrees supporters.

And brought together in this video which highlights that painful contrast:

38 Degrees will continue to help people who are hurting and dismayed at this rule breaking in the face of their own sacrifice, to make their voices heard to the people who can hold those in power to account.

Right click and select ‘open link in a new tab’ to take a closer look at the thousands of photos making up our photo mosaic.