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Queen Elizabeth II

Sep 9th, 2022

On the passing of Queen Elizabeth

By 38 Degrees team

We know how much Queen Elizabeth meant to so many of us across the country. Our supporters have told us warmly about their memories. From purchasing their first TV sets in order to watching the Coronation, to the pride they felt earlier this year watching the country come together to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, to her calming words played in living rooms across the nation during lockdown – reminding us that we would, eventually, meet again.

As 38 Degrees supporter Sylvia said, ‘ “My most memorable and moving moment was the address from Her Majesty the Queen during the pandemic. For me, this was the turning point in what was a very dark time for all of us. Her wise and comforting words gave me the lift I needed, and the impetus to keep on keeping on. Thank you, your majesty.”

For so many of us – whether we are in our seventies or our teens – Queen Elizabeth II has been a constant in our lives. And for our country, through turbulence, joy, 15 Prime Ministers and even pandemics, one thing remained steadfast – her reassuring presence.

This country is made up of people with differences – of background and viewpoints. But we can all unite around the values of respect, public service and grace that The Queen embodied to so many.”

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