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Jun 18th, 2024

A trip to Eastbourne, Brighton, Southend and Margate…

By Megan Bentall

What a wild few days!

Thanks to donations from the 38 Degrees community we’ve just got back from a 3 day trip round Eastbourne, Brighton, Southend and Margate, where we gave out free poo-themed ice creams to highlight how water companies are turning our beaches into open toilets:

Our sewage sundaes made a real buzz, with people queuing for a scoop and a chance to share their anger at the state of our beaches. That’s not all: we also commissioned expert polling to back up our stunt with hard stats – proving that two thirds of people think Britain’s seas are too dirty to swim in!  And we even made the papers and radio!

Unlike much of our coastline, the message from the 38 Degrees community was crystal clear: with the election 2 weeks away, political parties who choose to ignore our sewage infested seas will be punished at the ballot box. 

Behind this silly stunt is a serious point. The Great British seaside is famous for a reason, and there should be nothing better than a day out on the beach. But thanks to failures of regulation and water companies being let off scot-free, our beautiful beaches are being splattered with sewage day after day. 

That’s why our community is fighting tooth and nail to make stopping sewage a top priority this election – and we’ll be ready to push whoever forms the next government to clean up our seas for good. And taking this ice cream van on tour, I felt first hand just how many people feel just as passionate and determined as you and me to end this catastrophe. 

And there’s still time to be a part of it. Because stunts like this are funded by people across the country chipping in what they can to make a difference. Every single donation from our incredible supporters like you will mean we can hold ANY future government to account on sewage – and not back down until our seas are safe from sewage. 

So if you want to chip in to help pay for this stunt, and future big bold tactics you can click here.

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