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NHS Pay Calculator Data

1 Jun 21

The calculator uses the average starting salary for each role to determine how much extra weekly would be generated. In the full data below you can see the average salaries for more experienced levels. The averages used are based on data gathered through the government’s...


Give social care the funding it needs

6 Jul 19

People across England are struggling to get the care they need to live dignified and independent lives. Many older people rely on their families to help – or are forced to sell their homes to cover the cost of care. Our social care system is...


Virgin Care: Statement for publication

20 Aug 18

A Virgin Group spokesperson said: “Virgin Care challenged a contract in Surrey to provide children’s services, because they were so  concerned about serious flaws in the procurement process. Virgin Care’s aim was for the process to be re-run properly, in the interests of securing the...


NHS data sharing with the Home Office

4 May 18

A dangerous deal between the NHS and the Home Office means that doctors are being forced to share patients’ private details. Some people are now so afraid to go to the doctors – they aren’t going even when suffering from a life-threatening condition. It’s costing...

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NHS: Accountable Care Organisations

16 Feb 18

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is planning to restructure how our NHS works. His plans could allow private health companies to win huge contracts to provide care for up to ten years. [1] Jeremy Hunt will be doing all he can to keep the plans out...

Health and social care funding: policy solutions to the health and social care funding crisis

16 Nov 17

Executive Summary There is a growing consensus about the need for more funding for the English health and social care system. The Chief Executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens, has said that waiting lists for hospital operations could hit 5 million unless the NHS receives...