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British Gas: we won!

18 Feb 20

We won! After 91,000 of us signed the petition, British Gas reversed their decision to increase the minimum top-up amount for customers on pay-as-you-go tariffs. They’ve slashed the amount from £5 back to £1. It means customers won’t have to choose between spending their last £5 on...


Switching your energy provider

1 Nov 17

The clocks have gone back, it’s getting dark at 4pm and the cold is creeping in. It’s that time of year when many of us are thinking a bit more about where our money is going. Energy bills are one of the easiest things to...


Energy Price Cap: We won!

5 Oct 17

We’ve done it! Prime Minister Theresa May just announced she’s capping energy bills and cracking down on big energy companies – and 38 Degrees members like you played a huge part in making that happen. For too long, big companies like British Gas have taken...


Thank your MP for signing the open letter!

30 Sep 17

When Theresa May broke her election promise to stop the big energy companies ripping us off, she probably wasn’t expecting this much uproar. Already, 120,000 38 Degrees-ers have called on her to keep her word. Now, 192 MPs – including your MP, Stephen Timms – have signed...


Energy Price Caps

2 Aug 17

The big energy rip-off is back. British Gas have just announced a massive price hike that’ll cost customers an extra £78 a year. That’s money that thousands of families won’t have to put food on the table, or kit out their children for the new school year....


How easy was switching your energy provider?

27 Apr 17

In the 38 Degrees office we wanted to check in on how your switch went, and what your experience of switching with 38 Degrees was like. Your feedback will help us improve the next time 38 Degrees members switch together. So please can you fill...