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Royal Liverpool Hospital

17 Sep 18

A hospital in Liverpool still stands half-finished and unused since construction company Carillion went bust in January. [1] It means thousands of people are not getting the NHS service they deserve. [2] Just last month the government announced they would find the money to complete...


Rothbury Hospital

1 Jun 18

Imagine having to do a 60-mile round-trip to see an ill relative in hospital. That’s what people near Rothbury face after a ward at their local hospital shut. [1] Together, 3,500 members of 38 Degrees have signed a petition to keep the ward open. [2]...


NHS Funding Crisis: hospitals on red or black alert

10 Jan 18

Hospitals across England have been under intense pressure this winter. Thousands of operations had to be cancelled. In the past this level of crisis was known as hospitals being on ‘red alert’ or ‘black alert’ and so the media is referring to this current situation...

The State of the NHS: rationing and closures as cuts bite

15 Nov 17

Executive summary The founding principle of the NHS is universally accessible health care that is free at the point of use. With increasing demand and diminishing budgets, this founding principle is at risk. New analysis by 38 Degrees has uncovered the impact of funding pressures...


Shama Women’s Centre Under Threat of Closure

13 Feb 17

Leicester’s only women’s centre is set to close, meaning women across the city will lose vital help with finding a job, learning new skills, or getting support to leave a violent relationship. It’s at risk because funding for the centre is being cut by the...


No Further Downgrades of Buckinghamshire’s Hospitals – Including Community Hospitals

2 Feb 17

In a bid to save cash, NHS community hospitals across Buckinghamshire, like the one in Marlow are under threat. It could leave patients with miles to travel to their nearest hospital. So Ozma, who lives in the area, has started a petition calling on NHS...