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Universal Credit

17 Oct 18

Families relying on food banks. People forced onto the streets. Even, in some cases, deaths. [1] These are the effects of Universal Credit. It’s a benefit system the government say they designed to make it easier for people to put a roof over their heads...

90% of Conservative voters want Amazon to pay more tax

1 Oct 18

More than 90% of Conservative voters believe the Chancellor should change tax rules to make large international firms like Amazon pay more. Polling carried out by Survation for 38 Degrees found that, of those who expressed an opinion, more than 90% of Conservative voters agreed...

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Amazon & tax

5 Sep 18

Amazon has become the second company in history to be valued at a staggering *trillion* dollars. [1] But despite rocketing profits, they paid even less UK tax last year. [2] While high street shops are having to close down – and our public services struggle...


Amazon: Will you sign the petition?

10 Aug 18

Online retail giant Amazon is paying even less in tax this year, despite rocketing profits. It’s a joke. But when our high street shops are struggling and public services are desperately stretched for cash, it’s not at all funny. The story is splashed across the papers...


NHS Pledge

1 Aug 18

Delays in A&E, vital services shutting down, operations cancelled or delayed for months. The NHS is at breaking point. [1] But we’ve got a chance to turn it around in a fair way so it’ll last for generations to come. The government has promised to...


The results are in: which tax policies should fund our NHS?

15 May 18

Right now Theresa May is weighing up how to fund our NHS for the long-term. She could come up with a solution that gives our NHS the money it desperately needs, or she could listen to the voices telling her not to spend more money....