Rishi Sunak’s spending review and the NHS

25 Nov 20

Times are tough right now, and today’s budget from Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed it. With a general pay freeze across the public sector, potentially damaging cuts elsewhere and – as yet – no plans to make our tax system fairer, many of us will have...

Maintenance grants survey: the results

23 Feb 18

38 Degrees makes the best decisions when we all come together to have our say. So this week, we ran a survey to see if we wanted to campaign to get the government to bring back maintenance grants for lower-income university students. Here are the...

NHS documentary projected on parliament

UPDATE: Our people-powered NHS documentary

27 Jan 17

On Thursday evening, 38 Degrees members did something spectacular. Together, we beamed our message that the NHS needs more money on to prominent landmarks across London. The Houses of Parliament, Marble Arch and the London Eye were lit up with stories from ordinary people affected...

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Good Energy and our electricity: the poll results

23 Sep 16

Last year, thousands of us came together to make 38 Degrees history when we shifted our business from the dirty energy of the Big 6 to a better and cleaner deal for our planet – and we saved a pretty chunk of change while doing...

2000px-NHS-Logo.svg 2

NHS Debate

13 Sep 16

In 24 hours, MPs will have their first chance to debate the government’s secret plans for our NHS. The plans have been drawn up behind closed doors and could mean cuts to A&E departments and GP surgeries – but together we’ve begun to force them...

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NHS Inquiry

13 Sep 16

NHS hospitals don’t have enough money to survive. That was the stark warning from NHS leaders this weekend. And now it’s reported that an influential group of MPs might call a special inquiry into the state of the NHS – and that they’re making the...