Why work at 38 Degrees?

21 Apr 22

When Russia invaded Ukraine, a lot of us felt anger, despair, and helplessness – including 38 Degrees staff and supporters. But because we’re a people-powered movement, we turned those feelings into action. Within days our staff team had empowered tens of thousands of 38 Degrees...


Ukraine update

9 Mar 22

The situation in Ukraine is heart-breaking and enraging.  The scenes and reports of destruction and death make us all despair – especially the disaster emerging in Mariupol where civilians cannot even access clear water.  The fact that this is happening in the first place fills...


Ukraine & how 38 Degrees supporters are trying to help

2 Mar 22

Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine is shocking and horrifying. Seeing scenes of destruction, knowing that a wave of death and misery is sweeping the country, is enraging, distressing, and numbing. The reaction of the international community has been powerful, with sanctions imposed and aid starting...


My first day as 38 Degrees’ new CEO

1 Dec 21

Today is my first day working at 38 Degrees, and I couldn’t be prouder to be joining this movement. Before I get too far, I want to introduce myself. I’ve been a supporter since before 38 Degrees launched. People-powered campaigning is what I’ve always done,...