George Osborne To Edit The Evening Standard : What’s Being Said

17 Mar 17

George Osborne today announced his plan to take over running the London Evening Standard – whilst still serving as an MP His plans are already causing a stink from MPs and journalists – they don’t think it’s right for him to be an MP, and...

NHS campaigner

28 ways to solve the NHS crisis. But which the is best?

1 Mar 17

The man holding our country’s purse strings is insisting there’s no more money for the NHS. Chancellor Philip Hammond is ignoring the people queuing in A&E corridors and waiting for cancelled operations.  We’ve got to prove he’s wrong before it’s too late. Thousands of us...

Here’s where 38 Degrees members are submitting FOIs

27 Jan 17

The state of our local parks can make or break our neighbourhoods. In a decent park, people of all generations and walks of life mix together. But right now, parks across the country are at risk. Councils are slashing spending on parks. And when a...


38 Degrees in 2017

20 Jan 17

A new year brings fresh challenges, opportunities and possible priorities for 38Degrees. That’s way, just like we do every year, 38 Degrees members have been voting in their thousands to decide what we should focus on this year . Now the results are in and...


Free money in Fife?

23 Nov 16

This Friday, councillors in Fife will be meeting to discuss introducing a pilot Universal Basic Income (UBI) scheme. The policy was a recommendation as part of the Fairer Fife Commission, and supporters argue that it will help to reduce poverty. So what is the Universal...


The NHS and the Autumn Statement

15 Nov 16

Right now the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, is deciding whether the NHS should get the money it needs. In the past week fews, MPs have been lining up down in Westminster to knock on his door, all demanding money for different things. But what’s been missing...