More than 70,000 say ‘Keep Pankhurst in Parliament’

23 Aug 18

A petition calling on Westminster City Council to stop the removal of a statue of legendary suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst from the grounds of Parliament has reached over 70,000 signatures. 38 Degrees member, Jacquie Hawkins from Epsom, started the campaign after discovering plans to move the...


Amazon: Will you sign the petition?

10 Aug 18

Online retail giant Amazon is paying even less in tax this year, despite rocketing profits. It’s a joke. But when our high street shops are struggling and public services are desperately stretched for cash, it’s not at all funny. The story is splashed across the papers...

File photo of Rupert Murdoch listening to remarks at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council in Washington

Murdoch: We did it!

20 Jul 18

I’m posting this on behalf of David Babbs, Executive Director, 38 Degrees I’ve got an exciting update. Rupert Murdoch has been blocked from taking over Sky News. [1] That means he won’t be able to add it to his news empire, and won’t be able...

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Plastic Pollution: Handing in the petition

29 May 18

Almost a quarter of a million of us have signed a petition calling for the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, to “Introduce a tax (levy) on throwaway plastic”. This is one of the biggest ever environmental petitions to the Treasury! On Wednesday 16th May Chair of the...


Addictive gambling machines: Victory!

17 May 18

Today 38 Degrees-ers are sending messages to Cabinet members, thanking them for introducing a £2 maximum limit bet on addictive gambling machines. It will now be much harder for gambling companies to exploit vulnerable people to boost their profits. Please read below to see just...