Leith Hill

Stop oil drilling at Leith Hill: Petition hand in

26 Mar 18

On Thursday 15th March, campaigners at Leith Hill all came together to hand in their 103,000 strong 38 Degrees petition to the Environment Agency, and ask them to reject any plans to drill for oil in Leith Hill. Visitors discussed the application and talked to...

GDPR: Update

9 Feb 18

There’s a new law coming in that will protect us from big business selling off our personal information or contacting us when we don’t want them to. [1] It’s called the General Data Protection Regulation. It might sound boring, but it’s a good law that’ll...


NHS Funding Crisis: hospitals on red or black alert

10 Jan 18

Hospitals across England have been under intense pressure this winter. Thousands of operations had to be cancelled. In the past this level of crisis was known as hospitals being on ‘red alert’ or ‘black alert’ and so the media is referring to this current situation...


Breaking News: Scottish Tax

19 Dec 17

BREAKING: the Scottish Government has announced plans to make tax in Scotland fairer – cutting income tax for the lowest earners, increasing it for the richest, and raising £164 million more for our hospitals, schools and roads. [1] For the last two months, 38 Degrees members...


Are you on board?

13 Nov 17

Last week 38 Degrees members voted on the principles they believe should shape Scottish tax reform. These principles came after 14,000 of us voted on which of the Scottish Government’s tax policy options we most supported. Here’s what 38 Degrees members said. We asked our...

Internships at 38 Degrees

13 Nov 17

Four times a year 38 Degrees hires interns to work in the office team. The internship is paid and the salary is above the London living wage. It lasts for six months, and is open to everyone. Since the internship programme began back in 2013,...