TV Licences for the over-75s

15 Feb 19

One of 38 Degrees’ core beliefs is that democracy works best when all of us are involved. The BBC is facing a difficult choice. Having taken on the cost of covering the free TV Licence fee for people aged over 75, it has to decide...


Should we “means test” TV Licences for the over 75s?

5 Feb 19

The BBC is facing some tough decisions. Government funding cuts means they’ve been saddled with the cost of free TV Licences for over 75s themselves – and they can’t afford it. They’re now having to choose whether to start cutting services or change how the...


BBC: good news!

12 May 16

We are winning. Today the government announced their plans for the future of the BBC. And they’ve been forced to scale back their attacks on our public service broadcaster. The Times is calling it a “government climbdown”. There are still things in the government’s plan...

BBC campaign

BBC splashed across the papers

21 Apr 16

This week, 38 Degrees members came together to make headlines. Together, we’re exposing the truth about the British public’s support for the BBC – and the government’s plans to rip it apart. Thousands of 38 Degrees members chipped in to fund a people-powered poll of...


BBC: Emergency petition!

16 Mar 16

This is the biggest threat to the BBC so far. John Whittingdale, the minister who’s deciding our BBC’s future, just announced he wants the government to choose the people who run the BBC.  It means our most trusted broadcaster could be left in the hands...


Overwhelming public support for the BBC

6 Mar 16

The government’s finally published the results of the public consultation on the BBC. 177,000 of us told them what we think – and the results show there’s overwhelming public support for our national broadcaster. The message was loud and clear: the public backs our BBC...