Bees seeds are starting to sprout

3 May 17

Spring is well underway and 38 Degrees members all across the UK have begun planting our bee friendly seeds to make sure our bumbling friends have a bumper harvest. Over 60,000 packs have been posted out and the seeds are now becoming seedlings as we...


Breaking: Bee-killing pesticides will be kept off our fields this summer!

28 Apr 17

Breaking: Bee-killing pesticides will be kept off our fields this summer! Environment Minister Andrea Leadsom has listened to thousands of us and decided to keep the ban on these dangerous chemicals.  It’s an unbee-lievable victory for our bees. And it’s thanks to hundreds of thousands of...


Email your MP – keep the ban on bee-killing pesticides

4 Apr 17

Spring is here, flowers are blooming and hedgerows are buzzing with the sound of bees. But that could change if powerful lobbyists are allowed to spread toxic pesticides over our fields this summer. There’s a ban on using these pesticides – they’re that dangerous –...


Keep the ban on bee-killing pesticides

27 Mar 17

Our bees are in danger. Powerful lobbyists want to spread toxic pesticides that kill bees all over our fields this summer. These pesticides are so deadly that there’s a ban on using them – so the lobbyists must convince the Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom to...


All about Bees 2017

16 Mar 17

Bees are important here at 38 Degrees. Whether it’s campaigning to keep dangerous pesticides at bay or spreading bee-friendly seeds around the country, 38 Degrees members have always found time to support bees. Last year was a big year for bees. When bee-killing pesticides were...


Weekly poll results

10 Oct 16

As  members of 38 Degrees, each one of us helps decide the issues we work on together to make change happen. Knowing what all of us care about is vital. On Monday morning, the office team sat down with the results of this survey to...