British Gas: we won!

18 Feb 20

We won! After 91,000 of us signed the petition, British Gas reversed their decision to increase the minimum top-up amount for customers on pay-as-you-go tariffs. They’ve slashed the amount from £5 back to £1. It means customers won’t have to choose between spending their last £5 on...


Thank your MP for signing the open letter!

30 Sep 17

When Theresa May broke her election promise to stop the big energy companies ripping us off, she probably wasn’t expecting this much uproar. Already, 120,000 38 Degrees-ers have called on her to keep her word. Now, 192 MPs – including your MP, Stephen Timms – have signed...


Energy Price Caps

2 Aug 17

The big energy rip-off is back. British Gas have just announced a massive price hike that’ll cost customers an extra £78 a year. That’s money that thousands of families won’t have to put food on the table, or kit out their children for the new school year....


Guest Blog: Will from The Big Deal on U-switch news

31 Mar 17

This is a guest blog by Will Hodson at the Big Deal. The views expressed in this blog do not represent the view of 38 Degrees. The Big Deal specialises in collective energy switching and their campaigns have demanded fair prices from suppliers, transparency from comparison...


The Big Deal on Energy – See How Much You Could Save

21 Feb 17

Energy bosses are laughing all the way to the bank. The profit they cream off your bills pays for multi-million-pound salaries, pensions and parties. It’s scandalous – and in recent weeks three of the biggest energy companies have announced plans to hike up our bills...


Stand Up to the Big Energy Giants

17 Feb 17

Do you get your gas and electricity from one of the big energy companies like Npower, EDF, or Scottish Power? Because if you do, you could be paying £100 a year extra just to keep the lights on. They’ve upped their prices and are facing...