Email your MP about Brexit & the Environment

8 Jun 18

Polluting companies could be about to get away with ruining our precious countryside. [1] The important standards that protect our environment are at risk of bring dropped after Brexit. [2] But there’s a plan on the table to safeguard the standards – and our MPs...


38 Degrees & a customs union: survey feedback

3 Apr 18

Over 130,000 of us took part in a survey in March to decide together whether 38 Degrees should campaign on the issue of a customs union with the EU. Here are the results: Should 38 Degrees campaign on the issue of a customs union? 67%...

Customs Union?

17 Mar 18

MPs are in a massive row about Brexit. [1] They’re split on the issue of a ‘customs union’ with the EU. That’s an agreement that’d make it easier for us to trade with EU countries, but make it harder for us to strike independent trade...


Protect our food after Brexit

5 Mar 18

British food is at risk. If American lobbyists get their way Cornish pasties, Scotch whisky and Melton Mowbray pork pies could lose their protected status after Brexit. It’d mean US companies could make their own knock-off versions. [1] Small British business owners could find themselves struggling against...

Brexit Vision

Brexit – your thoughts

20 Feb 18

The government’s bunkering down on Brexit. There’s headline after headline about fights and secret meetings. [1] They’re trying to push through plans that lock the public out of decisions. [2] That’s no way to make Brexit work for everyone. Something’s got to change, and fast....


Welsh Devolution

9 Feb 18

Welsh devolution is under threat. After Brexit, the UK government is planning to take control over some devolved issues – including food, health and the Welsh environment. [1] These plans have been called a “power grab”, a “hijack” and an “assault on devolution”. [2] The...