Brexit Vision

Brexit – your thoughts

20 Feb 18

The government’s bunkering down on Brexit. There’s headline after headline about fights and secret meetings. [1] They’re trying to push through plans that lock the public out of decisions. [2] That’s no way to make Brexit work for everyone. Something’s got to change, and fast....


Welsh Devolution

9 Feb 18

Welsh devolution is under threat. After Brexit, the UK government is planning to take control over some devolved issues – including food, health and the Welsh environment. [1] These plans have been called a “power grab”, a “hijack” and an “assault on devolution”. [2] The...


Holiday Pay

18 Dec 17

Some government ministers want to use Brexit to scrap the law that gives you paid holiday and regular breaks at work. [1] Right now, top ministers are in a meeting with Theresa May, trying to convince her to rip up the holiday law. [2] But nothing’s...


Delegated Powers: Update

12 Dec 17

Incredible. 381,000 people have already signed the petition to stop Theresa May’s plan to rewrite UK laws behind closed doors after Brexit. Now it’s crunch time. In a few days MPs are voting on Theresa May’s plans. [1] It’s our best chance to get them...

AllyDebate (1)

Brexit: Email your MP

16 Nov 17

This week, MPs could vote on Theresa May’s plan to rewrite laws behind closed doors after Brexit. [1] Instead of voting it through, MPs have a chance to vote for changes to the plan. It’ll make sure laws after Brexit are debated and voted on...


Trade Deals after Brexit

8 Nov 17

The government just published their plans for trade deals after Brexit. But there’s one huge thing missing: democracy. [1] The government’s not letting MPs have a say over future trade deals. [2] And if our MPs are locked out, that means all of us are...