Make environmental standards stronger, not weaker after Brexit

5 Feb 19

One of 38 Degrees’ core beliefs is that democracy works better when more people are involved. Over 200,000 of us have been part of the campaign to protect environmental standards after Brexit – from contacting our MPs, to signing petitions and taking part in the...

Your thoughts on Brexit

24 Jan 19

Since Theresa May’s Brexit deal was voted down by MPs on 15th January, tens of thousands of 38 Degrees members have come together to share our thoughts when it comes to what’s happened with Brexit – and what should happen next. 38 Degrees is made...


How the Great British Brexit Quiz works

27 Nov 18

38 Degrees has built a quiz to help people understand where they stand on the main Brexit options. It only takes five minutes to do and is meant to be a tool for getting you head around the various deals. It’s been produced in partnership with the...

Trade after Brexit: Q&A

23 Nov 18

The government has struck a Brexit deal with the EU. But there are a lot of questions still unanswered. One big question is trade. The kind of trade deals we agree after Brexit will affect all aspects of our lives. Our NHS, the quality of...

Brexit: What’s the deal?

16 Nov 18

Theresa May has struck a Brexit deal. Next, MPs will vote on whether to support it. Already politicians and newspapers are full of opinions! Meanwhile millions of us are sick of the infighting and want to know what the deal really means for us all....


Agriculture after Brexit

2 Nov 18

Our supermarket shelves could be flooded with low-quality food if we make dodgy trade deals after Brexit. [1] Decent British farmers could be put out of business by cheap imports from countries that treat animals badly and pollute the environment. [2] Tomorrow, MPs will have...