Food standards, trade, & Brexit

18 Oct 17

Chlorine-washed chicken and beef fed with hormones could be heading to our fridges. As you read this, the government is working out their plans for trade deals after Brexit, and one thing on the menu is lower food safety standards. There is a serious risk that...

Trade Deals & Brexit

18 Oct 17

It’s splashed across the news today: if we leave the EU without good trade deals, millions of families could be pushed into poverty.  A price hike on essentials, like bread and milk, could add £260 to each family’s annual shopping bill. That’s money most of us...


Delegated Powers: Committee Inquiry

12 Oct 17

Do you want to swap murky backroom deals in Brussels for more of the same in Westminster? Theresa May does. She’s demanding new powers to rewrite UK laws after Brexit; behind closed doors and without proper debate or votes in Parliament. Right now, a committee...


Devolved Powers Petition

8 Oct 17

After Brexit, the UK government wants to take control over key decisions that affect Scotland – from who can fish in our waters, to the rules that protect our environment. It’s been called a power-grab, and it’s controversial.  The UK and Scottish governments are still...



20 Sep 17

We’ve got big decisions to make about Brexit. But so far, people like you and me aren’t being allowed to help make them – decisions about immigration, our NHS, and the future of Britain’s farms and factories. So here’s the plan to make sure MPs...

Committee Rigged

20 Sep 17

This is a bit sinister. While all eyes are on Brexit, Theresa May is trying to pull off a massive power grab in parliament. She wants to rig the committees of MPs that scrutinise new laws. We’ve got just a few days to stop her....