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Don’t shut down Parliament

10 Jul 19

Last night – on national television – Boris Johnson refused to rule out the unthinkable. If he becomes Prime Minister, he could shut down Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit. Shutting down Parliament means MPs get sent home. Voters like us get locked out...


Protect Britain’s NHS, workers, and food: don’t back a no-deal Brexit

24 Jun 19

“Shortages of some medicines within weeks”.   This is the shocking warning from medicine suppliers about what could happen because of a no-deal Brexit. The consequences don’t bear thinking about. Suppliers say that a no-deal Brexit could lead to shortages of critical medicine like insulin,...


Protect Britain’s food and farmers

14 Feb 19

Pus in our milk.Hormone-riddled meat at the supermarket.Chlorine-washed chicken in our fridges.Parasitic worms in our pork. [1] This is what American food lobbyists are demanding. They want to scrap the rules that protect our food safety standards in a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK. [2] It could change the...


Make environmental standards stronger, not weaker after Brexit

5 Feb 19

One of 38 Degrees’ core beliefs is that democracy works better when more people are involved. Over 200,000 of us have been part of the campaign to protect environmental standards after Brexit – from contacting our MPs, to signing petitions and taking part in the...


Good Friday Agreement – update

25 Jan 19

This was a quick turnaround. On Monday, thousands of people signed a petition telling Theresa May not to use the Good Friday Agreement as a Brexit bargaining chip. [1] And later that same day she announced she “had no intention of revisiting the agreement”. [2] This...


Your thoughts on Brexit

24 Jan 19

Since Theresa May’s Brexit deal was voted down by MPs on 15th January, tens of thousands of 38 Degrees members have come together to share our thoughts when it comes to what’s happened with Brexit – and what should happen next. 38 Degrees is made...