Brexit and our Environment

24 Aug 16

Right now big business lobbyists are eyeing up our environment – looking to use Brexit to scrap protections for wildlife and our countryside. But together we can stop them. You can join thousands of other 38 Degrees members and make a truly people-powered plan. Together...


Brexit and Immigration

9 Aug 16

We can be proud of the way we’re drawing up our demands for Brexit together. From protecting our NHS to creating a fairer economy, we’re mapping out a bold, positive vision for Brexit Britain that truly puts people first. Now it’s time to look at...


Brexit and our Rights

8 Aug 16

Our NHS, the economy and trade. Hundreds of thousands of us have been diving into some pretty meaty issues in the last few days, deciding a bold set of demands for Brexit together. Now it’s time to talk about our legal rights. They protect us...


Brexit and Trade

5 Aug 16

An incredible 300,000 of us have already put our heads together to shape a people-powered plan for Brexit. We’re writing a bold vision that puts ordinary people first. Not politicians and big business. Our demands for our NHS and the economy are taking shape –...