Weekly poll results

10 Oct 16

As  members of 38 Degrees, each one of us helps decide the issues we work on together to make change happen. Knowing what all of us care about is vital. On Monday morning, the office team sat down with the results of this survey to...

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People powered Brexit

4 Jul 16

People-powered Brexit  In the 38 Degrees office, we have a daft name for the moments when people power is most needed. It’s those times when big changes are happening, when we don’t know if things will get better or worse. When there’s a crisis but...

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Results: 100,000 of us voted on the next steps after the EU referendum

28 Jun 16

During this huge period of change, over 100,000 members of 38 Degrees voted on how we should move forward after the EU referendum. Here’s what we decided: (click on the images to make them bigger) Whether 38 degrees members were sad or celebrating over the...

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3 commitments the Leave campaign made

24 Jun 16

Whether you voted in or out, now’s the time to hold politicians to account for their campaign claims. Here’s 3 commitments from the Leave campaign to remember: 1) We’ll bring in an extra £350 million for the NHS The Leave campaign promised to invest heavily in our health...


Brexit: NHS broken promises

24 Jun 16

“Half the country is rejoicing, half the country is despairing. But the NHS unites us all. We need to hold them to their promise of £350 million a week for our NHS.” Michelle, 38 Degrees member The ‘Vote Leave’ campaign promised to invest £350 million...

BREXIT: How will it work?

24 Jun 16

We have had the discussion, made our decisions and cast our votes. Britain will be leaving the EU. But how will it work? Historically speaking, no other member state has ever chosen to leave making this fresh territory not just for the UK but Europe as well. However,...