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EU Referendum Beer Mats

22 Jun 16

The EU Referendum is days away and it’s the topic on everyone’s lips. Thanks to 38 Degrees members chipping in together,  thousands of independent, fact-covered beer mats about the EU are sitting on the tables of pubs up and down the UK Together, we’re cutting...

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6 things we learned from the Wembley EU debate

21 Jun 16

Picture the scene: Wembley Stadium. Six top politicians. 48 hours before a once-in-a-lifetime vote. Living rooms around the country heating up with debate. And thousands of 38 Degrees members watching the debate at home and sharing our views together online. Thousands of us joined in...


EU: yes or no quiz

16 Jun 16

Do you know which way you’ll vote in the EU referendum? Are you sure about that? Here’s a short quiz that asks your views – then gives you a score telling you how ‘in’ or ‘out’ you are. You might be surprised by your result....


In or Out: TTIP

16 Jun 16

What’s the deal with TTIP and the EU Referendum? Truth is, it’s complicated. A team of independent fact-checkers has looked at every possible scenario – and they simply can’t say for certain what voting ‘In’ or ‘Out’ will mean for TTIP. It’s not a headline-grabbing...

Register-to-vote crisis update

9 Jun 16

UPDATE: In the space of a few hours, 38 Degrees members have had a huge impact on democracy. Together, we created a wave of pressure to force the government to extend the deadline to register to vote – after their website crashed on Tuesday night....

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Would you like to hand out EU leaflets?

9 Jun 16

If yes, there’s a leaflet that has been funded by 38 Degrees members and fact checked by experts. You can see and print the leaflet here: eu_leaflet Imagine, if thousands of us handed out our unbiased leaflets to our friends, families and neighbours. It would mean...