register to vote technical problems

EMERGENCY: register to vote crisis

8 Jun 16

BREAKING: last night tens of thousands of people were blocked from registering to vote in the EU referendum – because the government website crashed. The deadline has passed, but the government could allow an emergency extension if there’s enough of an outcry. If enough of us...

Have you registered

Register to vote for the EU Referendum

7 Jun 16

Right now estimates suggest 7.1 million people aren’t registered to vote. But 38 Degrees is a movement of millions – and the law of averages means that almost all of us will know someone who isn’t registered yet. So together, if each of us share a reminder...

eu fact check vid

In and Out EU Leaflets Fact Checked

31 May 16

Whether you’re voting ‘in’ or ‘out’ on the EU, you need to see this. Here’s the truth behind some of the biggest claims made recently by both sides – fact-checked and researched by independent experts. Click below to watch this two minute video and see the...


EU: fact vs fiction

19 May 16

Any day now, the ‘In’ and ‘Out’ campaigns will send out leaflets to millions of households telling people how to vote in the EU referendum. They’ll be filled with spin and unsupported claims that’ll leave people even more confused than before. But 38 Degrees members...

true or false

Leaving the EU: fact checked

22 Apr 16

This week Michael Gove unleashed big claims about why we should leave the EU. But was everything he said true? A team of independent experts have speedily fact-checked his claims, so we can get the truth out together. The more of us who share the...

The government’s EU leaflet: fact checked

18 Apr 16

This is the first of what will be many more fact checks to come – assessing claims made by both sides of the EU referendum. Together, 38 Degrees members chipped in for a team of experts to fact check the issues that matter to all...