Safe crossing for Woodhurst Shcool

17 Mar 17

The safety of our school children is at serious risk. With the new development, traffic on Harvest Ride is getting busier and faster. Rarely do cars stop to let pedestrians cross safely, and when they do, they are at risk of accident from impatient drivers...

Save Ealing Shopmobility

16 Mar 17

Ealing Shopmobility – a shop which offers free wheelchair and scooter rental to disabled and elderly people – could be forced to close due to a lack of funding. Hundreds of people could end-up without the help they need to get around town. So Lynnette,...


Save Smallbrook Surgery!

16 Mar 17

Smallbrook surgery in Warminster has just had its opening hours cut to only three mornings a week , meaning residents are struggling to book appointments and are having to travel as far as Westbury to see a doctor – no matter how unwell or old...


Victory! Muirfield Golf Course FINALLY allows women golfers

14 Mar 17

Hole in one – we won! Well done, everyone who signed the petition to put pressure on the ‘gentlemen’ at Muirfield Golf Course to allow female members to join their revered club. It’s just been announced that “Founded in 1744, Muirfield golf club will finally...


Townbridge Maternity Centre

13 Mar 17

An NHS maternity unit in Trowbridge could face closure. It’d mean pregnant women having to travel to Bath to give birth. Theo lives in Trowbridge and had her two children at the unit. She wants other people get the same care she did, so she’s...


Save the Viking Hoard for Galloway

13 Mar 17

Galloway’s Viking Hoard should be displayed in the local area and not be lost to Edinburgh. A crucial decision will be made about where this treasure will be displayed on 23 March 2017. The magnificent Galloway Viking Hoard, buried in the region’s soil 1,000 years...