We saved the Curzon Mayfair Cinema

12 Apr 17

Great news, The Curzon Mayfair cinema in London is no longer under threat of closure. The developers and cinema have come to an agreement, and so the venue will continue to operate as normal. Noise from films played at Curzon in Mayfair could be heard...


Rebuild Atherton Skatepark

11 Apr 17

To Wigan council There needs to be another skatepark built in another location in Atherton! We need something for the younger generation! Why is this important? Atherton skatepark was recently demolished randomly and out of the blue with no notice or warning whatsoever. It was...


Save our trees – Georgian Quarter, Liverpool

7 Apr 17

The trees in the Georgian Quarter are due to be felled within the next couple of days, if lots of us sign the petition Liverpool City Council won’t be able to ignore us. Rescind planning permission given to Carpenter Build to remove trees in Chatham...


Protect Abbey Wood’s Crown Post Office

6 Apr 17

To: Margot James MP and Paula Vennells CEO of Post Office Ltd Protect the Abby  Crown Post Office, and the vital services it provides to our community. By removing Abbey Wood’s Crown Post Office you are causing the loss of good jobs and services which...


Save Mossley Community Orchard

6 Apr 17

Petition starter Rachel is requesting that the sale of land at Greaves Street and Cross Street, OL5, which is currently used as a community orchard, is halted and that the land is withdrawn from the auction on April 25th. “We have been dismayed to read...


Affordable housing in Camden – Make housing developers be transparent!

4 Apr 17

Greedy developers in Camden can shirk their responsibility to build affordable housing by using a legal loophole to say they won’t make enough money. What’s worse is that the maths they use to work out their profit is kept secret. Even the council don’t see...