Save Finsbury Park Post Office

11 May 17

Finsbury Park Post Office could close its doors for good. Bosses at the Post Office want to sell it off – which means reducing it to a small counter at the back of a shop. Gerry lives locally, and worries this will mean a worse...

Scrap Trafford Green Bin Tax!

10 May 17

Stop Trafford Council from charging extra to collect garden waste! Trafford Council have stated that from the 5th of June 2017 residents will be charged extra if they want their garden waste collecting. This is a highly objectionable move by the council, which is completely...


Medway Children’s Services

8 May 17

Medway council want to cut funding for children’s services. They think the money would be better spent putting on an elaborate re-enactment of a 350 year old naval battle. Michael lives in Medway, and thinks it’s wrong to take money from Kent’s kids to pay...


Save Newsham Adult Learning Service

26 Apr 17

To Liverpool City Council: Please keep Newsham Adult Learning Service on Newsham Drive open and reconsider your decision to shut and sell it. As a community we need this community asset as a place to gain and enhance our knowledge and skills. This centre has excellent...

Keep Florence Park Children’s Centre Open Access and Community Owned

25 Apr 17

We urge the City and County Council to work together to keep Florence Park Children’s Centre as a community asset and open to all. Why is this important? Florence Park Children’s Centre is a much loved local resource for children and families in our beautiful...


Save Gladstone Terrace

20 Apr 17

For the last 30 years, several community-based charities have been able to operate at Gladstone Terrace Community Centre. Four of them are currently based there. This allows us to provide much-needed and valued services: for example, we run a youth assembly, a crèche and a...