Let refugee children live safely with their families

5 Mar 18

Refugee children who flee war torn countries and terror are facing life in the UK alone, thousands of miles from their parents. Right now they don’t have the right to bring their families to live with them in the UK. [1] Families are being broken up by...


Medway Children’s Services

8 May 17

Medway council want to cut funding for children’s services. They think the money would be better spent putting on an elaborate re-enactment of a 350 year old naval battle. Michael lives in Medway, and thinks it’s wrong to take money from Kent’s kids to pay...


Stop bullying app SimSimi

13 Apr 17

It’s like putting the school bully in a child’s pocket. A mobile phone app called SimSimi lets bullies send abusive messages anonymously. And it’s already spreading like wildfire across our schools – countless children’s lives are being made miserable right now. But together we can...


Boat Children Deserve Equal Access to Education

26 Jan 17

Children up and down the country are having their access to schools threatened. A change in rules for people living on canal boats means that some children now have to travel up to 20 miles to attend school. For years people who live on canals...


Save the Kamelia Kids Special Needs Unit

18 Jan 17

West Sussex council has plans to slash classes for children with special needs at Kamelia Kids nursery. Donna Wilson’s son attends the classes and she knows how important they are for children like her son. So, she’s set up a petition on the 38 Degrees...


Child First: Safe Child Contact Saves Lives

18 Jan 17

Right now children are being put in danger by Judges. When settling custody battles many Family Court Judges don’t consider parents with a history of domestic abuse as a threat to children, so they give them access to their kids. This has lead to twenty...