Email your MEP – Keep the ban on bee killing pesticides

21 Jun 17

A single British politician is trying to stop plans to ban bee-killing pesticides from our fields for good. In just 24 hours, some British MEPs – politicians on a powerful European committee – will be asked to reverse plans to permanently ban these dangerous pesticides....


Keep the Revenge Porn Helpline Open

8 Feb 17

— This post could be upsetting to read —   A vital helpline for crime victims could close next month unless the government continues to fund it. It helps people who’ve found themselves in the horrible situation of someone (usually an ex-partner) sharing explicit photos...


Email Your MP About NHS funding

10 Jan 17

Last week, the unthinkable happened in our NHS. Two people died in the corridors of an A&E, stuck on hospital trolleys. They had waited hours for a proper hospital bed. It’s all over the media this week: patients are suffering because the NHS doesn’t have...

What our MEPs are saying about #TTIP

22 Oct 14

38 Degrees members have been e-mailing their MEPs to get their positions on TTIP. Here are snippets of some of the replies sent in by 38 Degrees members. If an MEP isn’t listed here, it’s because they either haven’t replied, or we haven’t been sent...

Email your MEP about TTIP

15 Oct 14

It’s been shrouded in secrecy and locked behind closed doors. But this weekend we changed that. Thousands of us took to the streets to show how toxic TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – is. Together we made headline news. Members of the European Parliament, our representatives...