300,000 people call on Walkers to ditch plastic packets
Today we met the Walkers bosses

7 Aug 18

38 Degrees petition starter Geraint Ashcroft and Duncan Gordon from Pepsico Today Geraint handed in his huge 38 Degrees petition calling on Walkers Crisps to stop using plastic packaging. [1] Over 300,000 of us have now signed the campaign and it’s been splashed all over...


Brexit & the Environment

27 Jul 18

It’s crunch time for our environment. Right now the government’s deciding what our environmental protections will look like after Brexit. [1] New laws could help protect our fields, seas and skies – or fall miserably short of what’s needed. [2] The minister in charge, Michael...

Wimbledon plastic bottles: hand-in

20 Jul 18

Read on for an update on the 38 Degrees petition calling on the Wimbledon tennis championships to ditch plastic bottles [1]… When the tournament hit the headlines after tennis players started asking questions about the huge number of plastic bottles used at Wimbledon, [2] more...


Email your MP about Brexit & the Environment

8 Jun 18

Polluting companies could be about to get away with ruining our precious countryside. [1] The important standards that protect our environment are at risk of bring dropped after Brexit. [2] But there’s a plan on the table to safeguard the standards – and our MPs...


Email walkers

1 Jun 18

The bosses at Walkers crisps are trying to ignore you. Over 230,000 of us are calling on Walkers to make their crisp packets plastic-free but so far the company have stayed silent. [1] We can’t afford to wait. Thousands of Walkers crisps are sold every...

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Plastic Pollution: Handing in the petition

29 May 18

Almost a quarter of a million of us have signed a petition calling for The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, to “Introduce a tax (levy) on throwaway plastic”. This is one of the biggest ever environmental petitions to The Treasury! On Wednesday 16th May Chair of the...