Parks Consultation

16 Mar 18

Our parks and green spaces are a vital part of our lives – spaces where we can gather, play and relax. For years cash strapped councils have drastically cut park budgets. And now Heritage Lottery Fund have scrapped one of the last pots of money...


Bottle Deposits – next steps

28 Feb 18

Michael Gove is delaying plans to bring back a “bottle deposit scheme” to stop plastic pollution. [1] Today MPs are calling him out on it. [2] Newspapers are too. [3] Michael Gove will be feeling the heat. All that’s missing is a huge wave of...


Oil Drilling at Leith Hill

24 Feb 18

In a few weeks oil trucks, drills and heavy machinery could be criss-crossing our rolling hills on the hunt for oil. An oil company has applied to start drilling for oil in Leith Hill in the beautiful Surrey Hills. [1] And the Environment Agency just...


Coal Mines

20 Feb 18

In a matter of weeks work could begin on the UK’s first opencast coal mine since 2014. [1] From heavy machinery rolling over pristine greenfield land to toxic air, its impact on our environment could be devastating. Britain was built on coal, and many communities...

teabag (1)

Plastic in tea bags

5 Feb 18

Had a cup of tea today? Well, you probably don’t know this… but for every cuppa we drink we’re adding to the dangerous plastic waste choking our oceans. All because companies now seal our tea bags with plastic that doesn’t rot. [1] Co-op have just...


Introduce a tax on throwaway plastic

9 Jan 18

Influential MPs are calling for a 25p charge on throwaway plastic coffee cups. [1] It could seriously tackle plastic pollution and help save the environment. It would drastically reduce the half a million coffee cups that are thrown away each day. [2] There’s just one...