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How people power made a difference in 2020

7 Jan 21

The world can be a scary place – especially in a year like 2020. But through it all, 38 Degrees members were there for each other. Here’s a look back at just some of the meaningful changes that we created together this year:

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Justice, compassion and fairness

26 Mar 16

Behind every headline is a person. It’s a simple but powerful truth. And it’s one that our own government was forced to admit this week as the new Minister for Work and Pensions finally confirmed what we’ve all been pushing for: the cancellation of cruel...

Fracking: Bad news

27 Jan 15

Bad news – last night MPs voted to give the green light to fracking across the UK. 50 MPs broke ranks to vote against the plans, but it wasn’t enough. Trespass laws have changed: now dirty energy companies can apply to drill for oil and...

Fracking grants feedback

19 Aug 14

Last year 38 Degrees members came together and chipped in to help groups stage local fights against fracking companies. 38 Degrees members raised and granted £50,000 to 25 community groups, below are some pictures and comments from campaigners on the ground. Residents from Frack Free...

Gay marriage campaign: Your thoughts and comments

14 Jun 12

38 Degrees is member driven. Members suggest the campaigns, vote on the most popular suggestions, and take all the action which makes the campaigns effective. You can read more about how that works here. Overall our people powered approach to choosing campaigns together clearly has...

“On Being Demonized” – the perspective of a 38 Degrees member living with a disability

1 Dec 11

Below is a guest piece by David Gillon, a 38 Degrees member and blogger who raised some significant questions about 38 Degrees’s people powered system of choosing campaigns. One of David’s main criticisms is that in a system where the most popular campaign suggestions get...