Don’t give G4S & Serco the power to arrest

26 Oct 17

G4S and Serco could be about to get police powers of arrest. They’ve ripped off taxpayers and been accused of abusing people in their care – soon they could be carrying handcuffs and turning up on doorsteps to arrest people. The minister for Justice, David Lidington,...

G4S And The National Discrimination Helpline

5 Oct 16

Last week over 80,000 of us stood up to G4S. They’d recently been given the contract to run a helpline for people who suffered discrimination because of their race, age or disability. A judge was due to decide if a legal challenge against G4S could...

G4S and a discrimination hotline?

24 Sep 16

Remember when G4S staff were caught on camera bullying children? Or when they made such a mess of security at the Olympics that the British army had to bail them out? Well now the government wants to give G4S a contract to run the national...


Members campaign to stop G4S taking 999 police calls – and win!

22 Dec 15

Great news! Following our people-powered campaign, police forces across the East Midlands have rejected proposals to allow profit making G4S to take over the handling of 999 calls. When 38 Degrees members discovered G4S wanted to buy off our emergency police calls, we leapt into...

38 Degrees members vote to stop G4S taking over 999 response centres

9 Nov 15

Last week 38 Degrees members voted on launching a campaign against G4S taking over 999 call handling services in Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire. G4S made such a shambles of providing security for the 2012 Olympics that the army had to bail them out. Now the same private...

Should 38 Degrees members campaign against G4S running police services?

6 Nov 15

Remember when G4S made such a shambles of providing security for the Olympics that the army had to bail them out? Well now the same private security firm could be in charge of handling emergency 999 calls in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire. Putting life or...