Whistleblower: deportation?

7 Dec 17

As a finance industry whistleblower, Kweku Adoboli has shined a light on reckless risk-taking and corruption in banking. [1] But in just 48 hours he’s facing deportation from the country he moved to as a child and is proud to call home. [2] It’s simple,...

Close-up of face with tape over mouth and cross drawn on it

Protect Whistleblowers

13 Feb 17

The Government’s legal advisers have revealed plans to lock up people who expose things like human rights abuses. They could face prison sentences of up to 14 years. Under these terrifying new laws, even journalists could face charges just because they were sent certain information....

People power 1 – Unilever 0

9 Mar 16

Unilever, a huge global corporation that makes billions of pounds in profit, have just buckled under the pressure of ordinary people. That’s right: you and thousands of others have forced this corporate giant – the owner of PG Tips, Marmite, Dove and more – to...


Unilever: Clean up your mess!

6 Aug 15

They dumped tons of toxic waste, devastated an entire town and poisoned thousands of their own workers. That’s Unilever: a huge UK corporation that makes billions of pounds in profit. But they aren’t paying up to help the victims of a massive mercury leak they...


3 Jun 15

38 Degrees member Rab wants the Scottish Football Association to cancel Friday’s game against Qatar at Easter Road, to show support for the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers who face 12-hour days, ‘slavery’ contracts, and appalling conditions on Qatar’s construction sites. Rab says: “Qatar...

Human Rights: David Cameron’s wavering

29 May 15

David Cameron’s wavering. He’s got grand plans to scrap the Human Rights Act but yesterday he had to admit that the storm of controversy around his proposals means he can’t continue full steam ahead. He’s in a tricky position – and it’s because of 38...