NHS Pledge

11 Jun 18

The NHS is in the fight of its life, facing formidable enemies who don’t want it getting any more money. [1] Theresa May is deciding right now how much money she thinks our cash-starved NHS deserves. [2] If our NHS is going to survive, we...

nhs baby

NHS – extra funding

9 Jun 18

It’s all over the news. Right now Theresa May is weighing up how much extra money the NHS should get right now. [1] There’s a risk she’ll spin a flimsy announcement, that doesn’t go far enough to save the NHS. [2] She’ll be banking on...


Rothbury Hospital

1 Jun 18

Imagine having to do a 60-mile round-trip to see an ill relative in hospital. That’s what people near Rothbury face after a ward at their local hospital shut. [1] Together, 3,500 members of 38 Degrees have signed a petition to keep the ward open. [2]...

NHS Staffing Crisis

1 Jun 18

Our NHS hospitals are at breaking point because there aren’t enough staff. [2] Doctors and nurses from overseas want to work in our NHS and help ease the crisis. But government red tape and made-up targets mean they’re being blocked from coming here. [3] But...


The results are in: which tax policies should fund our NHS?

15 May 18

Right now Theresa May is weighing up how to fund our NHS for the long-term. She could come up with a solution that gives our NHS the money it desperately needs, or she could listen to the voices telling her not to spend more money....