NHS Digital and the Home Office

17 Apr 18

Imagine being so afraid of visiting the doctor, you don’t even go when you’re suffering from a life-threatening condition. That’s exactly what’s happening because of a dangerous deal to share important data between NHS Digital and the Home Office that’s turning our doctors into border...


Push Doctor win!

17 Apr 18

Great news! Private health company Push Doctor’s misleading adverts have been banned after 83,000 of us – including you – told the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) to step in. [2] Last year, Push Doctor launched an aggressive expansion drive – even though they’d been branded...

NHS hospital

NHS Fundraiser

6 Apr 18

Right now, Theresa May is looking at ways to give the NHS the money it desperately needs. [1] It could mean we all pay a little bit more in taxes to protect our health service. [2] But wealthy lobby groups, some powerful newspapers and high-profile...

Cannabis Oil

6 Apr 18

5 year old Murray has a rare form of epilepsy that causes him to suffer up to 100 seizures a day. It’s left Murray unable to have a normal life, and left his family feeling helpless. [1] Medicinal cannabis has been proven to help children...


NHS Open Letter

29 Mar 18

It’s all over the news. Almost 100 MPs have signed an open letter to Theresa May to demand political parties to work together to solve the NHS crisis. [1] It’d mean the NHS couldn’t be used to score political points. There could be grown up,...


NHS Pay Cap Victory!

26 Mar 18

Hardworking NHS workers are about to get a much deserved pay rise. For years nurses, paramedics and other NHS workers pay has barely risen – all because of the unfair public sector pay cap. [1] But the government has this week agreed a deal giving...