Our plan for the NHS

6 May 20

The results are in. With our NHS facing its biggest ever challenge, more than 100,000 of us have taken a survey to have our say on what we can do together to protect our NHS.  The results of the survey show that no matter who...

Take our NHS off the negotiating table

19 Feb 19

Powerful American lobbyists want to get their hands on our NHS through a US-UK trade deal. [1] If they get their way, it could change our NHS for good. It could mean all of us paying more for vital medicines, or American healthcare companies running NHS hospitals....


NHS waiting times

15 Feb 19

The government could be about to drop NHS waiting time targets – which doctors say could be “catastrophic” for patient care. [1] But it gets worse: they’re trying to do it behind closed doors. [2] They’re carrying out a major review into NHS waiting times. [3] But right now, patients...


Our NHS & the budget

17 Oct 18

Some MPs are playing political games with our NHS. [1] We’re used to the usual headlines of politicians arguing and infighting. But it’s just been revealed that a group of MPs are threatening to vote down the Budget that would deliver the money our NHS...


Our NHS shouldn’t be up for negotiation

17 Oct 18

The NHS as we know it is at risk. A group of lobbyists have published a plan for a US-UK trade deal. [1] They want to let American healthcare companies make money off UK patients when we’re sick, vulnerable and in need of care. [2]...

NHS: Making a splash at the Conservative conference

2 Oct 18

This is amazing! Last month thousands of 38 Degrees-ers chipped in to get our NHS funding message in front of top politicians at the Conservative Party Conference. It kicked off this weekend in Birmingham. Here’s what we were able to do together because thousands of...