NHS Funding Preferences: Choose the NHS Funding Ideas you Prefer

22 Feb 17

The man holding our country’s purse strings is insisting there’s no more money for the NHS. Chancellor Philip Hammond is ignoring the people queuing in A&E corridors and waiting for cancelled operations. We’ve got to prove he’s wrong before it’s too late. Thousands of us...

Emotional stress of young doctor

Ask Your MP to Stand Up for NHS Staff

22 Feb 17

“I worked as an NHS paramedic for over 35 years. We receive training on how to deal with aggressive members of the public. But it didn’t prevent me from being on the receiving end of a ten minute tirade of drunken abuse on one particular...

Newborn baby in incubator

Chip in to the NHS Emergency Fund

9 Feb 17

Our worst nightmare for our NHS is happening. A GP surgery in Dorset is charging £145 for private appointments because their finances are close to collapse. No one should have to wait longer when they’re ill because they don’t have enough money. It’s the opposite...


NHS Crisis Tracker

27 Jan 17

What’s really happening in the NHS near you? A brand new NHS crisis tracker means you can find out in seconds. Jeremy Hunt would rather none of us saw just how much pressure the NHS is under. But now there’s an online map which brings...


Email Your MP About NHS funding

10 Jan 17

Last week, the unthinkable happened in our NHS. Two people died in the corridors of an A&E, stuck on hospital trolleys. They had waited hours for a proper hospital bed. It’s all over the media this week: patients are suffering because the NHS doesn’t have...