Pensions Dashboard

14 Aug 18

Most of us will have many different jobs over our working life. That means lots of different pension pots. It can be hard to keep track of where your money is. [1] Now the government wants to ditch the public service that helps us find...


Time is running out to protect our pensions

21 Jun 16

We’ve got under 48 hours to stop the government from rushing through new laws that could let big businesses put millions of our pensions at risk. In the rush to save a failing company, Tata Steel, the government’s planning to give them the power to...


Pensions at risk

15 Jun 16

Right now the government’s trying to rush through new laws that put millions of pensions at risk. Their focus has been on the failing Tata Steel, which they claim no one wants to buy because they’d have to pay up for the pensions. The governments answer...

Stopping the Pension Age Rise

25 Mar 15

After heading up a storm of a campaign on Campaigns by You, yesterday 38 Degrees member Anne descended on the Department of Work and Pensions to present her petition. She’s demanding that Iain Duncan Smith reverse the State Pension Law: and she was armed with...

Support your firefighters

15 Aug 14

This morning, firefighter and 38 Degrees member Liam delivered a 7,606 strong petition to the office of Penny Mordaunt MP, the fire services minister. Firefighters across the country have been on strike this week over unfair pension changes. Liam is calling for Penny Mordaunt to...

Update: Pensions Equality

23 May 13

Tuesday 21st May was an historic day for the UK. The milestone Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill passed through the House of Commons for the final time with a huge majority. Equal marriage opportunities for all couples, same- or mixed-sex, are now one step closer...