Campaigning for fair disability assessments

11 Nov 16

Yesterday, 38 Degrees members handed in their petition against government plans that would make it harder for disabled people to get the benefits they rely on. The Ministry of Justice wants to stop people who’ve been wrongly told they’re well enough to work from appealing...


Pharmacies under fire

20 Oct 16

Yesterday, 38 Degrees members Ben and David handed in our petition against pharmacy funding cuts to the Department of Health, joined by our interns Tom, Jinan and Holly. Jeremy Hunt wants to take away £25000 in funding from local pharmacies to force many of them...


Say No To Gambling With Our Children’s Safety

17 Oct 16

Thousands of children in care could be put at risk if a dangerous new law gets the go-ahead tomorrow. It’d allow councils to get out of their legal duty to protect children and instead ‘experiment’ with services that protect vulnerable kids. Experts say that could...


Government cover-up: over 100,000 38 Degrees members demand secret report released

7 Jun 16

Yesterday over 100,000 38 Degrees members called on the government to publish the report it’s kept secret on the impact of fracking in the UK. 38 Degrees members handed the big petition in to government officials in Westminster, and are now waiting for the government’s...

Roderick Campbell MSP, Jean Kemp, Carol McGregor and Hanzala Malik MSP

You can make your campaign happen too

5 Feb 16

By Jean Kemp It’s hard to believe that just a few hours ago my friends and me were outside the Holyrood Parliament, handing in a petition signed by thousands, against the trade deal called CETA! We spoke face-to-face about our concerns with the parliamentarians who...

38 Degrees Women in A-level politics hand in

Woman in A-level politics: consultation

15 Dec 15

Today is our last chance to stop Nicky Morgan from cutting women’s history from A-level politics: the government consultation closes on Tuesday. So far over 40,000 people signed the 38 Degrees petition – now it looks Nicky Morgan is starting to back down. This week she...