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The results: the future of 38 Degrees

17 Oct 17

There’s so much at stake: Brexit. The future of our NHS. Protecting our environment. And whatever you think about the current government, the decisions our MPs make in the next couple of years will define the UK for generations to come. That’s why 100,000 of...

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Have your say on 38 Degrees General Election survey

26 Apr 17

The recent announcement of a snap general election caught everyone by surprise. So, over 200,000 of us came together to have our say on what 38 Degrees should do during the 2017 general election. Read on to see what was said: (You can click on the following...

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Good Energy and our electricity: the poll results

23 Sep 16

Last year, thousands of us came together to make 38 Degrees history when we shifted our business from the dirty energy of the Big 6 to a better and cleaner deal for our planet – and we saved a pretty chunk of change while doing...

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Scottish 38 Degrees members make a plan for 2016!

15 Jan 16

Over 11,000 38 Degrees members in Scotland have shared their views about the campaigns we should focus on together in 2016. Here’s how we prioritised campaigns: Last year 38 Degrees did more campaigning in Scotland than ever before. Here are some of the campaigns we’re...


The results of the big new year 38 Degrees member survey are in!

15 Jan 16

Over 150,000 38 Degrees members have shared their views about the campaigns we should focus on together in 2016. Here’s how we voted: We’re going to pile the pressure on these folks to make the right decisions: We’re going to try loads of tactics to...

Results: should 38 Degrees respond to the situation in Syria?

1 Dec 15

Public opinion is split on whether to bomb Syria. It’s a complicated issue, and every result of a ‘public opinion’ poll says something different. So yesterday, all 38 Degrees members received a survey, asking for opinions on airstrikes in Syria. 135,661 38 Degrees members have...