Google breaking the law

2 Jun 18

Google has been caught breaking the law and putting the safety of crime victims at risk. By law, the names and personal details of survivors of rape must be kept anonymous. But Google’s search tool is auto-filling their personal information so anyone can see it....


Snooper’s Charter

16 Jan 18

The government has made a law that forces companies to spy on us. It means information is stored about our telephone calls and text messages – whether we like it or not. [1] But courts have ruled that the law – known as the ‘Snoopers’...

Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill: Emergency law

15 Jul 14

Today, MPs will vote through a new law forcing internet and phone companies to keep records of all your calls, emails and texts. The government says it’s to counter terrorism – but privacy campaigners say it’s a huge power grab under false pretences. Either way,...

Your tax record: for sale?

24 Apr 14

Have you heard about the latest data sell-off? Right now, the taxman, HMRC, is considering a plan to sell our personal tax details to private companies. Our incomes, the amount of tax we pay, and our tax histories could be sold to the highest bidder....

Government Surveillance Debate

29 Oct 13

It’s five months since The Guardian first reported on just how invasive the British intelligence agencies’ internet and phone surveillance is. Politicians across Europe and America have been debating this ever since. But in the UK, our MPs have been mostly silent. This Thursday, MPs...

We won!

26 Apr 13

Great news! We’ve stopped the government’s plan to spy on everyone’s internet use. Late yesterday Nick Clegg announced he will not allow the “snoopers’ charter” to go ahead. 38 Degrees members moved quickly when we first heard of the plan to collect details of who...