17 Oct 18

When the company Carillion collapsed, the hospitals, care homes, prisons, and railways it was working on were thrown into chaos. [1] Taxpayers had to foot the bill to clear up the mess, to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds. [2] This is what...


Public Sector Pay Cap & the Budget: Update

22 Nov 17

Breaking: our hard-working nurses could be getting a much-deserved pay rise. The Chancellor Philip Hammond just announced the NHS would get the extra money it needs to pay NHS staff properly. [1] After years of making money stretch to cover the cost of food and...


Pay Cap: Budget Tomorrow

20 Nov 17

Low wages are pushing our nurses, firefighters and police to the brink. Their wages haven’t kept up with the price of rent and food costs have crept up, and they’re struggling to get by. [1] But we have 24 hours to get them a pay...

Paycap Video

15 Sep 17

Will Theresa May pay our nurses, firefighters and police properly? The public sector pay cap has been all over the news this week: there’s been announcements, votes, and talks of strikes. But what’s actually been decided? Watch this video to find out, then share with...


Public Sector Pay Cap

5 Sep 17

Our pressure is working. Rumours are swirling that Theresa May’s on the verge of scrapping the unfair pay cap for our nurses, firefighters and police. Let’s pile in to make sure she follows through. Already, 135,000 people have signed the petition to end the pay...

38 Degrees members vote to stop G4S taking over 999 response centres

9 Nov 15

Last week 38 Degrees members voted on launching a campaign against G4S taking over 999 call handling services in Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire. G4S made such a shambles of providing security for the 2012 Olympics that the army had to bail them out. Now the same private...