Open letter to David Cameron: Protect the children of Calais

19 Feb 16

Dozens of small children are about to be left out in the cold. French authorities are bulldozing half of the refugee camp in Calais. They’re destroying the makeshift church and the makeshift children’s centre. There are a few hundred children in the camp, and they’re in...

Daily Mail: Refugees are not rats

18 Nov 15

Thank you for signing the petition demanding the Daily Mail remove the offensive cartoon and apologise. Another way we can heap pressure on the Daily Mail is by submitting a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). IPSO is the independent regulator of the newspaper...


Victory: 1,000 refugees by Christmas

20 Oct 15

Nearly 15,000 of us emailed our MPs asking our government to welcome 1,000 refugees by Christmas. Our letters helped push MPs to pile pressure on PM David Cameron. And last night, he announced a change of position. [1] Britain will now take 1,000 refugees by...

syrian winter

Where are the refugees?

10 Oct 15

In refugee camps, babies and toddlers are in danger of freezing to death. [1] It’s hard to imagine but winter in and around Syria is deadly cold and the temperature is about to plummet. [2] Yet our government is dragging it’s heels on resettling refugees....


#RefugeesWelcome in York – success!

17 Sep 15

As a response to the refugee crisis, 38 Degrees members across the country have set up hundreds of campaigns asking their councils to offer homes to families in need. The petition in York was set up by 38 Degrees member Alice, already over 1300 people...


Refugees welcome: Thank you

16 Sep 15

Today, thanks to 38 Degrees members, the ‘National Refugee Welcome Board’ was launched.  It will provide practical support to help councils and communities to resettle mums, dads and children who arrive in Britain fleeing war and violence. And it’ll find accommodation for tens of thousands...