Edinburgh, 25th, April, 2018

Scottish Fishing Communities: open letter hand in

30 Apr 18

Last week on the 26th April, 38 Degrees folk handed in an open letter addressed to Ruth Davidson and Scottish Conservative MPs asking them to stand up for Scottish fishing. Together we handed the open letter to Peter Chapman MSP, Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary...


Fishing in Scotland: Open Letter

6 Apr 18

We’ve got a chance to protect Scotland’s fishing industry – but we have to act fast. After Brexit, powers over fishing could come to Holyrood. [1] But under a new law that the UK Government’s pushing through, that control would go straight to Westminster. [2]...


Scottish Devolution

14 Nov 17

Picture the scene: it’s a few years from now, and the Brexit dust is beginning to settle. The deals have been done and decisions made. But powers over devolved issues that once sat with the EU now sit with the government in Westminster. Miles away...

Is this the vow delivered? Have your say

23 Jan 15

Yesterday David Cameron visited Edinburgh to announce the plans to give Holyrood new powers. It was a big moment. These plans were only written because across Scotland, before, during and since the referendum, ordinary people demanded a fairer, more democratic country – and a government...

Scotland devolution petition hand-in

16 Oct 14

Today, our voices are echoing inside the House of Commons as politicians debate powers for Scotland. Over 100,000 of us signed the petition calling for Westminster party leaders to keep their promises of new powers to Scotland. And yesterday 38 Degrees members travelled down to...

What next for Scotland?

9 Oct 14

Before the Referendum, politicians promised to devolve more powers to Scotland. Since the vote, a debate’s been raging about what these powers will be and when they’ll come into force. But so far the debate has centred on politicians. The focus has been on what...