Pandora Papers Petition Hand in to No.10

18 Nov 21

Today 38 Degrees and Tax Justice UK staff handed in our joint huge petition to Downing Street. Over 116,000 people have now signed the petition to Boris Johnson asking him to crack down on tax dodging and close the loopholes used by the rich and...


Amazon: Will you sign the petition?

10 Aug 18

Online retail giant Amazon is paying even less in tax this year, despite rocketing profits. It’s a joke. But when our high street shops are struggling and public services are desperately stretched for cash, it’s not at all funny. The story is splashed across the papers...

Paradise Papers & the Budget

18 Nov 17

Next week, Chancellor Philip Hammond will announce what the government will spend money on in the next year, and how they’ll collect taxes to pay for it. [1] He could be bold and announce steps to tackle tax dodging, to provide much-needed funding for our...

Paradise Papers: Debate tomorrow

13 Nov 17

Urgent: on Tuesday lunchtime, MPs will debate tax dodging in parliament. This is a golden opportunity for us to pile the pressure on the government to stop tax cheats for good. The debate’s only just been confirmed – and it’s in just 20 hours time....


Paradise Papers: Tax Dodging

6 Nov 17

It’s a scandal. A massive leak of documents splashed across the papers shows exactly how the rich get away with hiding their money overseas to dodge tax. [1] That means our hospitals, schools and public services are missing out on millions. For years the government...

The Mayfair Loophole: update

28 Sep 16

A few weeks ago, some 38 Degrees members wrote to their MPs asking them to vote for the Finance Bill. This is because the Finance Act, which has now passed into law, contains some positive steps forward in making the treatment of carried interest (otherwise...