The Mayfair Loophole: update

28 Sep 16

A few weeks ago, some 38 Degrees members wrote to their MPs asking them to vote for the Finance Bill. This is because the Finance Act, which has now passed into law, contains some positive steps forward in making the treatment of carried interest (otherwise...


We’re making progress on closing the Mayfair tax loophole!!

9 Jul 15

This is huge news. Yesterday the government revealed that they’re starting to tackle the Mayfair loophole. That’s the tax-dodging loophole that 38 Degrees members uncovered, then campaigned to close. It lets super-rich finance bosses pay a lower rate of tax than many nurses and teachers. At...

Pic of the Mayfair Loophole

Tax dodging day of action in Cardiff North

20 Apr 15

On Saturday, 38 Degrees members were out in Cardiff North again – to make sure even more people hear about their chance to vote for a candidate who takes tax dodging seriously. With the general election less than 3 weeks away, these conversation could have...

Tax dodging: The government doesn’t want you to watch this

13 Apr 15

38 Degrees members are causing a stir. The Mayfair tax loophole – exposed by us, campaigned against by us – costs the country up to £700m a year and only benefits the mega-rich. The Labour party has promised to close the tax loophole if they...

Cardiff North: taking on tax-dodging

27 Mar 15

On Saturday 21st March, 38 Degrees members in Cardiff North hit the streets to talk about tax-dodging. Together they gathered over 200 signatures for the massive petition against the Mayfair – tax dodging – Loophole. A tax loophole, used by rich private equity bosses, to...

Urgent: Mayfair loophole

25 Mar 15

News just in: this afternoon, MPs can vote to shut the Mayfair tax loophole.  That’s the tax dodge the government set up to let rich city bosses avoid up to £700m of tax a year. We need to act fast to make sure MPs close it. Can...