Scotland tax

1 Dec 17

In just 17 days, MSPs will have a chance to vote on a new tax system that could bring in at least £200 million more every year for our schools and hospitals. It’d mean more money for cash strapped hospitals. More books and materials for...

Scottish tax reform

23 Nov 17

Tax reforms could be a game changer. [1] They’d mean more money for schools, emergency services, hospitals, roads, you name it. That’s why 38 Degrees members voted to campaign for fairer tax – now we need to work together to make it a reality. [2]...

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How have you voted on Scottish tax reforms?

10 Nov 17

The results are in. Last week we sent out an email asking our Scottish members which of the four tax reform approaches proposed by the Scottish government they preferred. 14,177 Scots cast their vote, and here’s what you told us: Option 1: No increases for...


Scottish tax reform

2 Nov 17

This is interesting, and a bit different. Today First Minister Nicola Sturgeon outlined different options the government is considering for changing income tax in Scotland. Fairer taxes mean better schools, public transport, hospitals. It’s how you make a more equal society. But too often politicians...


Scrap the Plans to Raise Taxes on Small Businesses

17 Feb 17

Small family businesses are being slapped with unfair higher taxes from the government. Because of their tax hike rules, the plan will unfairly squeeze small businesses like local corner shops and town-centre butchers and grocers, but not huge retailers like Amazon. The government’s under fire...


Philip Green – never again?

21 Oct 16

This will make your Friday. Philip Green, the man who ran BHS into the ground and slashed his employees’ pensions, looks set to lose his knighthood. Thousands of us signed the petition and emailed our MPs – and yesterday, the vote went through Parliament. It...