Big Switch: Octopus Energy

12 Dec 16

UPDATE: Over 10,000 38 Degrees members switched their energy provider to Octopus Energy! Read on to see a more detailed email sent during the switch… Fat cat energy bosses are laughing all the way to the bank. The profits they cream off your gas and electricity...

So what’s the Big Switch about?

10 Mar 16

Thousands of 38 Degrees members are pooling their power as consumers and switching their energy away from the Big Six energy suppliers, to cheaper and better suppliers. Here’s how it works: Thousands of 38 Degrees members said we wanted a better deal on our gas...

big switch header

The Big Switch: the first 48 hours!

3 Mar 16

An incredible achievement! In just 48 hours, over 4000 of us have made the switch from the big, dirty energy companies to a cheaper, cleaner alternative. Collectively, we’ve saved over £1 million – imagine the conversations around the boardroom tables of the Big Six in the...


The Big Switch is here!

3 Mar 16

Wow – people power has come together this week to negotiate the cheapest energy deal Britain has seen for years! Together, we have sent a clear message to the huge, rip-off Big Six energy companies that there is a better, fairer alternative. Over 145,000 of...

Cheaper gas & electricity: deadline tonight!

8 May 12

We’re so close. This time next week, more than 120,000 members of 38 Degrees and Which? will be offered the chance to save money on our gas and electricity bills. Our people-powered effort to stop the big gas and electricity companies from ripping us off...

The Big Switch Update: British Gas have dropped out

2 Apr 12

British Gas have announced they have dropped out of the Big Switch. British Gas claim that their decision not to take part is based on the fact that Which? haven’t been transparent about the fee from the winning gas and electricity company, which is around £40....