NHS & Trade

9 Feb 18

Our NHS is facing a huge new threat. The governments eyeing up new trade deals with countries like America – and Theresa May is refusing to rule out putting the NHS on the negotiating table. [1] That could mean US private healthcare companies taking over...


Trading with America?

7 Feb 18

Do you want to eat meat from animals that have been fed chicken poo? It’s banned in the UK, but in America farm animals are fed ‘chicken litter’ – feed made out of chicken manure and other waste scraped off the floor of chicken cages....

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Trade deals in secret?

3 Jan 18

The food you eat. The place you work. The medicine you take when you’re ill. All of these depend on trade. Do you trust the government to negotiate our future trade deals in secret? Right now, that’s the plan. [1] The government’s proposals mean that...


Trade Deals after Brexit

8 Nov 17

The government just published their plans for trade deals after Brexit. But there’s one huge thing missing: democracy. [1] The government’s not letting MPs have a say over future trade deals. [2] And if our MPs are locked out, that means all of us are...


Food standards, trade, & Brexit

18 Oct 17

Chlorine-washed chicken and beef fed with hormones could be heading to our fridges. As you read this, the government is working out their plans for trade deals after Brexit, and one thing on the menu is lower food safety standards. There is a serious risk that...

Trade Deals & Brexit

18 Oct 17

It’s splashed across the news today: if we leave the EU without good trade deals, millions of families could be pushed into poverty.  A price hike on essentials, like bread and milk, could add £260 to each family’s annual shopping bill. That’s money most of us...